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All Serv in Bracknell, Berkshire has an excellent and long standing reputation as an MOT centre. We regularly check prices within the area to ensure our customers receive the best value possible. 

Beat the MOT Deadline for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
The new MOT regulations regarding Diesel Particulate Filters for diesel vehicles come into effect on May 20th 2018 and include a much more rigorous check of the DPF on vehicles manufactured after 2006.
Under the new regulations any vehicle that has had the DPF tampered with, removed or ‘produces visible smoke of any colour’ will automatically fail the test.
If you have an MOT on your car before the 20th May 2018 it will still be tested under the old and much more lenient rules. Therefore if your diesel car was manufactured after 2006  (06 plate onwards) and the MOT is due over the next few months, we strongly recommend that you book the MOT at All Serv before this date. We are still offering a Half Price MOT so you can save even more money!



If you book a combined MOT and Full Service, you will get the MOT FREE OF CHARGE.

MOT JUST £27.00

Combine your MOT with one of our superb value Oil or Brake Services (prices start at only 99.99 for an Oil Service on cars up to 1000cc) and you will be charged just 19.99 for the MOT.

If you have not used All Serv before and just have the MOT, you can still benefit from our Free MOT & Full Service offer and get Loyalty Points when you have a Full Service.

If you have a Full Service on the same vehicle within 2 months of the date of the MOT, we will refund the cost of your MOT from the price of your service.

We will also enrol you on our Loyalty Scheme and give you 5 Loyalty Points for the Service, plus another 2 points for the MOT meaning you receive a total of 7 points on your new Loyalty Card which is a great start.

This saves you over 50% off the recommended DVSA price of £54.85

Stricter MOT Regulations - Get a Pre MOT Check
It is not only the DPF that is subject to stricter rules, there are a host of other changes on the new MOT test including fluid leaks, electrical equipment and tyres.
Why take the risk of not being able to drive your car. We will perform a pre-MOT check for just £27.00 so there are no nasty surprises. If the vehicle would pass the MOT, we will log onto the DVSA system at the earliest opportunity and perform an official MOT.  We will then issue you a new certificate to save you bringing in the car again. You will not be charged for the subsequent MOT. Please note this service is not available on a while you wait basis.
If we find that the car would fail, this gives us the opportunity of taking remedial action before the actual MOT. We will provide you with a quotation for the work and once completed we will perform the MOT. However you will still only pay £27.00. As the car would not have officially failed an MOT you are still able to drive the car up to the date the MOT expires.

Remember – for your convenience we can post date the MOT for up to 30 days so it will run from the later date.

Please tell your family, friends or work colleagues about these offers to save them money too.

FREE retests are available subject to DVSA guidelines, or on vehicles where all repairs are performed by All Serv and the vehicle remains with us until repairs are completed. The MOT can be combined with a service if you wish.

All MOTs are by appointment and you can either bring the car along and wait for the MOT to be performed in our comfortable reception, where you can anjoy a wide range of drinks and hot & cold snacks from our reception, or drop the car with us at a convenient time.

We offer free collection & delivery subject to availability within the local area.

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